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BetrAchtung is the result of a four year long movement research of the Samadhyana Company, based on a combination of dance techniques, floorwork, and partnering. It is a dance-theater duo interpreted by Ching-Mei Huang and Danilo Valpassos Cardoso. In addition, composer, Marco Girardin, participated in the entire creative process and created an original soundtrack to the piece. The music is interpreted by Marco himself (flute and electronics), the Bruna Cabral (drums) and Seunghwa Lilly Baek (oboe).

Through a very simple dramaturgic line, BetrAchtung relates to the connection between people and the struggle when the loved ones leave us. An emotional and incredible journey throughout the physicalities behind these two extremes, expressed by gestures that tell and carry long-lasting life experiences.

The choreography itself can express and depict love relationships. Nevertheless, choreographer Danilo Valpassos Cardoso proposes alternative meanings with the work. For him, it has a lot to do with the loss of his mother. After spending months orientating himself artistically with the creation process of the piece, the news of her death gave him a stronger meaning. As a result, for him the piece also relates to the consideration towards the ones we love and the acceptance when these loved ones leave us.

17.07.2018 - Urban Stylez Festival, Dansart Theater, Bielefeld
09.11.2019 - Biennale Passages, Dansart Theater, Bielefeld
15.11.2019 - Move! Festival, Theater Heeder, Krefeld

24 Hours Online Streaming: 
29.05. - Dansart Theater, Bielefeld  

16.08.2020 - Barnes Crossing, Köln  

Following performances:
05.11. - Biennalle Pássage , DansArt Theater, Bielefeld
21.11. - MOVE! Festival , Krefeld


Choreography: Danilo Valpassos Cardoso
Dance: Ching-Mei Huang, Danilo Valpassos Cardoso
Composition: Marco Girardin
Music: Seunghwa Baek (Oboe), Bruna Cabral (Percussion), Marco Girardin (Flute and electronics Music)
Length: 50 mins

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