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Darwin's cave

In the dance piece "Allegory of the Darwin Cave" the public first experiences two men in a dark cave while hearing traditional choral singing from Mali. The pushing forward on the evolutionary path can be felt. Target: the human being. Their aggressions are not evil but instinctive and with increasing selfawareness. Technically, you can see perfect body control. In the first piece [Ser tão seco, editor’s note], Aaron Samuel Davis was noticed by extreme movements that are reminiscent of lightning or explosions and shines here again, as does Tim Cecatka. Danilo Cardoso's stage presence is particularly strong - maybe because he came up with all of this.

By CLAUDIA VIOTTO, Bielefeld. 12.10.2015


Premiere: 20.09.2015
Choreography and dance: Tim Čečatka, Aaron Samuel Davis, Danilo Valpassos Cardoso
Light design: Jost Jacobfeuerborn

Sound design: Marco Girardin

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