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Forgotten agreements, unfair game rules and laws have emerged from a series of misunderstandings. Der Platz is an artistic research of the Samadhyana Company under the direction of choreographer Magdalena Oettl. In the interdisciplinary “clamp”: automatism. Amazingly useful, amazingly parasitic. Under examination are the comparability and absurdity of automatic phenomena in private and public spaces, not least in one's own artistic discipline. Dancers, musicians and media artists sharpen their eyes and catch themselves. They are looking for multidisciplinary material coming not from the automatic but from the automated: the usual, the routine, the instinctive, the conditioned - an endless loop of reproduction. How related are subconscious actions to each other? And how can they be made visible in art through cross-media comparisons and enrichments?

Our recipe at Der Platz: choreographic associations based on association. Transformations arise from scenes that eat themselves.


A lecture demonstration with sociological commentary by Dr. Anil K. Jain presented the results of the research in the rehearsal room of the Maschinenhaus Essen on October 5, 2019. 

Choreography: Magdalena Oettl
Artists: Ching-Mei Huang, Danilo Cardoso, Bartosz Przybylski und Lucas Lopes
Music: Marco Girardin
Media design: Roberta de Lacerda Medina
Photo: Jörg Brücker

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