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Inspired by the life stories of the dancers Danilo Cardoso and Marouf Alhassan, as well as the impressive composition by Huan Valpassos and Florian Gernuß, Illicitus presents a compilation of situations that make the dramaturgy appear like a mosaic. Made from several individual pieces that together form a work of art. Sometimes through metaphors, lyrics, tapes, masks, and live music, the piece greets the audience through an abstract journey of events that reflects the struggle for life and Wilpower, its frustration and motivation.


Premiere: 15.10. 2016
Choreography and dance: Danilo Cardoso and Marouf Alhassan
Music: Huan Valpassos and Florian Gernuß
Light design: Jost Jacobfeuerborn
Length: 40 mins

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