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Juventus is a dance theater piece permeated by a calm atmosphere that approaches images through softness and sometimes bizarreness. Interpreted by choreographer and dancer Ching-Mei Huang, dancer Tian Gao and flutist Marco Girardin. Juventus presents different scenarios that touch on themes such as the struggle of the motherhood and confusion during puberty. Everything is narrated in a poetic and abstract composition of movements and sounds. Although they might seem simple, the images, which are mainly created by hanging, moving and using materials from everyday life, convey a sensitive scenography.

Premiere: 10.06.2017
Choreography and dance: Ching-Mei Huang and Tian Gao
Music direction: Marco Girardin
Luys de Narvaez: Passeavase el rey moro
Alban Berg: Violin Concerto
Johannes Brahms: String Quintet no.2, Op.111, second mouvement
Live Musik Improvisation
Length: 50 mins
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