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BetrAchtung / Foto: Jörg Brücker

Samadhyana is an integrative arts company based in Essen, Germany.
It was founded by Danilo Cardoso, Ching-Mei Huang, Magdalena Öttl and Marco Girardin.


Here we provide an environment for creative artists to collectively develop unique art pieces, workshops and projects.

Our work integrates dance-theater, music as well as video art in order to create art that people can identify with independently from their backgrounds."

“Our vision is to create art about people, as people and for people.”

(Artistic Director: Danilo Cardoso)

Our productions reflect worldwide contemporary issues from the perspective of different cultures.
As a result, we deliver a profound artistic message to our audiences, based on THEIR point of view.


Since 2015, our pieces have mostly been presented in NRW, in venues such as Katakomben Theater, Forum Kunst & Architektur and Maschinenhaus in Essen, the Fabrik Heeder Theater in Krefeld, Dansart Theater and the Theaterlabor in Bielefeld.

We participated in festivals including “MOVE! Festival Krefeld 2019”, “Explosive Festival Bremen 2019”, “Urban Stylez Festival 17/18”, “Tanzfestival Bielefeld 2018”, “Artists in Fusion festival 17/19” and the “Biennale Passages festival 2016/2018”.

Apart from Germany, we have also given workshops and presented pieces in Brazil, the Netherlands, Portugal and Taiwan.


Direction: Danilo Valpassos Cardoso

 Co-direction Ching-Mei Huang

Music direction: Marco Girardin

Choreography: Ching-Mei Huang, Danilo Valpassos, Magdalena Öttl

Company management: Winfried Hoffmann

Produktions assistant : Yurika Sophie Yamamoto

Photography: Jörg Brücker

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