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Ser tão seco

The Portuguese title can be interpreted as "very dry being" or "dried sertão". This piece refers to the lives of people who are suffering from the drought in the northeastern region of Brazil, “Sertão". The theme is brought to stage by 12 artists, either musicians or dancers, to present this specific culture and lifestyle and relate it to the contemporary world.


“The stage remained empty except for earth that was scattered across the floor. In this bare setting, twelve dancers and musicians in two choreographies [Ser tão seco and Allegory of the Darwin Cave, editor’s note] by Danilo Cardoso created images and moments so memorable that they will be remembered by the audience. "Ser tao seco!", Which means "very dry person", is the theme of the drought that affects residents in Sertao, a region in northwestern Brazil. In the piece there are stories presented in dance form, reinforced by live music from the band. "


"All songs and spoken texts are in Portuguese. Nevertheless, the scenes are accessible to everyone because they are designed in a simple and vivid way. Scenes from hopeful farming in the collective to epidemic and agony due to lack of water."

“Everything that life has to offer is shown here, including rawness and cruelty. When a man falls dead, another one breaks in laughter and cheers. And how joy and sorrow collide: someone dies in the front, a few meters behind young people celebrate to flamenco rhythms - thrilling. How aptly the corpse is pulled across the stage, its being an object appears real, like the effort of the woman pulling it. The scenes testify spontaneity, dancers are constantly improvising. This creates the impression of authenticity and immediacy. The performance of these professional dancers is very powerful.” 


                       Claudia Viotto / Neue Westfälische, Bielefeld, 12.10.2015

Premiere: 20.09.2015
Choreography: Danilo Cardoso
​Artists: Tim Čečatka, Bastian Vogel, Antony Franz, Aaron Samuel Davis, Gunter Hampel, Utku Yurttas, Joan Chavez, Patric Neves Lindström, Tyshea Lashaune,Cheryl Friedrich, Caroline Frey, Diatra Zulaika
Light design: Jost Jacobfeuerborn
Length: 45 mins

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