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From escape to the arts
in the creative quarter City.Nord Essen

From escape to the arts

An artistic research project in the creative quarter City Nord.Essen

The Samadhyana Company approaches the topic of “integration” in its research from the socio-cultural side. The artists specifically seek intercultural dialogue with socio-cultural actors and refugees and treat the resulting impulses as inspiration for their creative work. The research examines the effectiveness of artistic impulses with regard to integration. The encounter within dance and music improvisation workshops in refugee accommodation opens up intercultural dialogue. Experiences of self-efficacy and group-strengthening skills that are imparted there open the door to a European understanding of art and initiate exchange through the artistic impulse. In the same breath, in cooperation with the actors in the neighborhood, educational and social facilities in Essen, an inventory of socio-cultural offers and needs is being pushed forward, and support for artists with a refugee background is initiated. The results of the research are processed by the Samadhyana Company. Artistically implemented find their way into the creative quarter City Nord.Essen. Furthermore, the online and print media presentation of the project offers the possibility to reflect the inventory and creates points of contact for creative people in the quarter. Financially supported by the Ministry of Culture and Science of North Rhine-Westphalia, as part of the Kreativ.Quartiere Ruhr program, a project by ecce GmbH, also funded by the Essen cultural office and the Interkultur Ruhr funding fund.



Attention to movement through dance and musicality

  • Discovery of an intuitive movement impulse

through games and metaphors

  • Movement, rhythm and thinking tasks

  • Confidence exercises

  • Concentration exercises

  • Promote spontaneous physical

and aesthetic reactions

  • Mediation of group strengthening skills

  • Experiences of self-efficacy

through group dynamics

  • all duties are related to age, characteristics and

adapted to the group's cultural background


Exchange in two steps

1. Inventory of the potential of the city of Essen / the creative quarter

2. Comparison with the need for artistic impulses from refugees

Dialogue with socio-cultural actors, artists

Who are the artistic actors?

Who are the socio-cultural actors?

Who does what?

Who would like to realize what?

What is available to whom?

Dialogue with refugees, social workers

What are you interested in? Concerts? Make music?

To dance? Movies? To draw?

What offers are there already?

Are there artists with a refugee background?

On the basis of this investigation, how can one bundle the resources in dialogue, create points of contact for effective projects, increase the offer and thus integrate people into structures through art that find difficult conditions for this?


Da.Zwischen Flyer .jpg


Between dance and gesture, between theater and deconstructed dramaturgy, between acoustics and sound programming, between projection and media interaction. The Samadhyana Company will present Da.Zwischen on August 25th, 2018 in the Unperfekthaus Essen as a fleeting attempt to expose the moment of turmoil - on the stage and not least with the audience itself. A spontaneous and entertaining piece with dissolved boundaries between dance, Live music and media projection, inspired by the “Project from Escape to the Arts” in the creative quarter City Nord.Essen.

Link to the event:

In the middle

Performance at the ART WALK Essen

An event by the city's cultural office

on November 3rd, 2018 from 12 noon in the creative quarter City Nord.Essen

free entry


Accompany, involve, open your eyes.

"I see what you can't see and vice versa" is the motto of this performance, because two eyes are usually not enough to discover everything that can adorn the corners, nooks and crannies of a neighborhood. A story about hiding and unmasking, about the attention of a passerby and the beauty of a city. The artists of the Samadhyana Company go hand in hand with the neighborhood in silent communication on a voyage of discovery. As an interactive performance during the Art Walk through the creative quarter City Nord.Essen, "Mitten.Drin" is the result of the research project "From Escape to the Arts".

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