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11/15 Contemplation (detail), Move! Festival, Krefeld

09.11. (Excerpt), Biennale Passages Dansart Theater, Bielefeld

October 24 Come out, imperfect store in Essen

05.10. "Der Platz" Lecture demonstration an artistic research in the rehearsal room of the Maschinenhaus Essen

05/23 - 26. 05. Viewing, Explosive Festival 2019, Kulturzentrum Schlachthof, Bremen

04/17 Viewing, Urbanstylez Festival, Bielefeld

April 15 - April 17 Contemporary Workshop, Urbanstylez Festival, Bielefeld

July 16 A solo by Danilo Cardoso, Urban Stylez Festival, Bielefeld

07/22 - 07/27 Floorwork / improvisation workshop, Bielefeld Dance Festival 2019, Bielefeld


03.11 Mitten.Drin, Essen city center, Germany

08/25 In between, Unperfekthaus, Essen, Germany

27. 07. Manzil, Dance Festival Bielefeld 2018, Bielefeld, Germany

07/17 Consideration, Urban Stylez, Tanzfestival Bielefeld 2018, Bielefeld Germany

07/01 Solo from Danilo Cardoso, charity event "Dance for Jordan" at Tanzhaus, Hannover, Germany.


Virago, Artistic Residency, Dansart Theater, Bielefeld, Germany
Jam Session, Musiktheater Gelsenkirchen, Germany
Evening of Dance, Katakomben Theater, Essen, Germany
Illicitus, Biennale Passages, Dansart Theater, Bielefeld, Germany
11.11. Manzil, Artists in Fusion, Dansart TanzNetworks, Bielefeld, Germany
05.11. Manzil, Katakomben Theater, Essen, Germany
30.06. Culture in the shop, Altendorf Essen, Germany
June 24th Senectus, Dansart Theater, Bielefeld, Germany
10.06. Evening of Culture, Katakomben Theater, Essen, Germany
Evening of Dance, Katakomben Theater, Essen, Germany
Evening of Dance, TheaterLabor, Bielefeld, Germany



Palcos instáveis ​​in Porto, Portugal - Trans_Porto With Yves Ytier, Luisa Saraiva and Danilo Cardoso
Pieces: Santorixá, Carnare and What Use

Schalthaus-Bergmannsglueck, Gelsenkirchen - The Heinzelmaennchen from Cologne.
Kuk Dance Award in Essen - Santorixá
Dançabend, Katakomben Theater, Essen, Germany


05/29 Viewing / 24 Hours Online Streaming
Behavior / Barnes Crossing Studio 1, Cologne

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