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Premiere: April 29, 2016
The word comes from the Latin "vir", which means "man" and to which the suffix "- ago" was added to change the gender of the word to feminine. Virago, in its origin, means a virgin with male features and heroic qualities. However, this positive association in German language usage has been replaced by a negative connotation. It can even be perceived as an insult. For in the language of communication, women are described as "male" women, who are dominant and can attribute themselves to the attribute "masculine" in their physique and behavior.
Choreographer: Danilo Cardoso
Dancers: Ching-Mei Huang, Cheryl Friedrich, Caroline Frey, Joana Kern
Light design: Jost Jacobfeuerborn
Sound design: Marco Girardin
Duration: 35 min
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